Temple-rod-use.jpgIt always amazes me when anglers from other states or countries buy their fly patterns outside of Montana. Do you remember the Fluttering Stonefly pattern popularized in the early 80's. I do! It was great! Two years later the trout on the Bitterroot River were largely ignoring the pattern.

As a guide I could consult with other guides and shop owners as to what was the hottest pattern during the Golden Stonefly hatch for that season. When you walk into a Montana fly shop, their reputation is on the line. They are there to serve you and help you catch fish. They are eager to share their expertise and knowledge with you so that you will have a memorable Montana fishing experience and hopefully return to their shop as a happy customer. Buy Montana!

Between the two parks, this site divides into six sections: Northwest, Western, Rocky Mountain Front, Upper Missouri River, Southwestern and the Yellowstone River Drainage. Below is a list of fly shops in Montana separated by region. You can also click on the Google Map or see a list below.

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Montana's Fly Shops by Region


Northwestern Montana

map_region_NW.gifWe will begin in the Northwest corner of the state working eastward to the Rocky Mountain Front and than southwards towards Missoula, Montana, as mapped in the Montana Atlas & Gazetteer. Sections 81, 82,83; 80,66,67.

Bigfork, MT

Bigfork Anglers Fly Shop and Guide Service
405 Bridge Street, Big Fork, MT 59911
(406) 360-9991

Libby, MT

  • Kootenai Angler Email: info@montanafly-flyfishing.com 13546 Hwy 37, Libby, MT 59923 (406) 293-7578

Ovando, MT

  • Blackfoot Angler Email: angler@blackfoot.net 401 Main Street, Ovando, MT 59854 (406) 793-3474

West Glacier, MT

  • Glacier Raft Company Email: info@glacierraftcompany 12400 Hwy. 2 East, West Glacier, MT 59936 1 (800) 235-6781
Whitefish, MT

  • Lakestream Email: info@lakestream.com 334 Central Avenue, Whitefish, MT 59937 (406) 862-1298

  • Stumptown Anglers Email: stumptownanglers@centurytel.net    5790 Hwy. 93 South, Whitefish, MT 59937 (877) 906-9949



Western Montana

map_region_western.gifWe will begin at the western edge of the state at St. Regis and move eastward to Missoula and then northeast to Lincoln, and then cover the area south of Missoula, the Bitterroot Valley, as mapped in the Montana Atlas & Gazetteer. Sections 52,53,54; 37,38.)

Clinton, MT

Rock Creek Mercantile   Email: rcmerc@blackfoot.net, 73 Rock Creek Road, Clinton, MT 59825  (406) 825-6440

Hamilton, MT

Anglers Roost Fly Shop 
Email: anglersroost@montana.com 
815 Hwy. 93 South Hamilton, MT 59840 
(406) 363-1268

Osprey Outfitters Guide Service and Flyshop 

Email: info@ospreyoutfittersflyshop.com 
1963 North 1st Street, Hamilton, MT 59840 
(406) 363-1000

Waterstrider Rafts (On-line fly shop and gear)
Email: daveinks@aol.com
(406) 375-0251

Florence, MT

River Otter Fly Shop 
Email: troutguys@riverotterflyfishing.com 
5516 Old HIghway 93, Florence, MT 59833
(406) 273-4858

Missoula, MT

Blackfoot River Outfitters 
Email: trout@blackfootriver.com 
3055 North Reserve Street Missoula, MT 
(406) 542-7411

Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop 
Email: info@grizzlyhackle.com 
215 West Front Street Missoula, MT 
(406) 721-8996

Kingfisher Fly Shop 
Email: jim@kingfisherflyshop.com 
926 East Broadway Street Missoula, MT 
(406) 721-6141

Missoulian Angler 
  Email: info@missoulianangler.com 
802 South Higgens Street Missoula, MT 
(406) 728-7766 

Rocky Mountain Front

map_region_rocky.gifThe Rocky Mountain Front stunned the Lewis and Clark Expedition with its looming peaks thrusting up from the plains. Beginning along the eastern boundary of Glacier National Park southwards to Great Falls and Helena, this is a huge area. See maps in the Montana Atlas & Gazetteer Sections 84, 69, 56, 40.

Browning, MT

Morning Star Outfitters 
226 Harper Road, Browning, MT 59417 


Upper Missouri River Drainage

map_region_missouri.gifEssentially, this section covers the creeks for the Missouri River from its headwaters at Three Forks north to Townsend, Montana and than northward to Helena, Montana, capital of Montana.


Craig, MT

Head Hunters Fly Shop 
Email: info@headhuntersflyshop.com
145 Bridge Street, Craig, MT 59648 

The Missouri River Trout Shop 
275 Bridge Street, Craig, MT 59648 

Missouri River Store & The Fish Inn (store open Apr.-Oct.):  311 Bridge St.,Craig, Montana 59648    (406) 235-3433

Helena, MT    

CrossCurrents Montana Fly Fishing   www.crosscurrents.com  326 N. Jackson St., Helena, Montana 59601 (406) 449-2292

Southwestern Montana

map_region_southwestern.gifFrom West to East, we will first cover the Phillipsburg to Anaconda area and the area south, which covers the Big Hole River and the Wise River near the communities of Wisdom. From here we will move eastward below Butte to cover the Twin Bridges area. Twin Bridges, Montana is the beginning of the Jefferson River, which is formed by the Beaverhead River, the Wise River and the Ruby River. The Jefferson River heads north and than eastward to Three Forks, Montana. It is at Three Forks, Montana that the Missouri River is formed from the Jefferson River, the Madison River and the Gallatin River to finish the Southwestern Montana section. See maps in the Montana Atlas & Gazetteer Sections 38, 39, 40; 24, 25, 26.

Big Timber, MT

Big Timber Fly Fishing 
Email: anderson@mtintouch.net 
840 Boulder Road, Big Timber, MT 59011 
(406) 932-6597 

Bozeman, MT

The Bozeman Angler 
Email: info@bozemanangler.com 
23 E. Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715       (406) 589-9111

Fins and Feathers 
1801 Gallatin Road, Bozeman, MT 59718 
(877) 790-5303

Greater Yellowstone Fly Fishers 
29 Pioneer Way, Bozeman, MT 59718 
(406) 585-5321

Montana Angler Fly Fishingmontanaangler.com 
Email: brian@montanaangler.com 
76 Lucille Lane, Bozeman, MT 59718 

(406) 522-9854

Montana Troutfitters 
Email: mttrout@ troutfitters.com 
1716 West Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715 
(406) 587-4707

The River's Edge  
Email: info@theriversedge.com 
20132 N. 7th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715 
(406) 586-5373

Wild West Flyfishing: (See ad on this site.)  Email: Jamie@wildwestflyfishing.com.  926 Brentwood Ave., Bozeman, MT 59718 (406) 580-2426

Butte, MT

The Stonefly Fly Shop 
Email: admen@thestonefly.com  
2205 Amherst, Butte, MT 59701 
(406) 494-0707

Dillon, MT

Frontier Anglers 
Email: frontieranglers@gmail.com 
680 N. Montana St., Dillon, MT 59725     1-800-228-5263

Ennis, MT

Madison River Fishing Company 
Email: mrfc@3rivers.net 
109 Main Street, Ennis, MT 59729 

The Tackle Shop 
Email: info@thetackleshop.com 
127 Main Street, Ennis, MT 59729 

Gallatin Gateway, MT

Headwaters Guide Service   headwatersguideservice.com  
PO Box 311, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730 

Gardiner, MT

Parks' Fly Shop 
Email: richard@parksflyshop.com 
202 Second Street, Gardiner, MT 59030 
(406) 848-7314

Livingston, MT

Dan Baileys Fly Shop 
120 S. Second Street, Livingston, MT 59047 
1 800 356-04052 

Hatch Finders Fly Shop 
Email: flyshop@hatchfindersflyshop.com 
5237 Hwy 89, Livingston, MT 59047 
(406) 222-0989 

Montana Fly Fishing Guides 
Email: eric@montanaflyfishingguides.com 
PO Box 817, Livingston, MT 59047 
(406) 223-3488

Sweetwater Fly Shop 
5082 Hwy. 89 S., Livingston, MT59047 
(877) 628-3474 

Yellowstone Angler 
5256 Hwy. 89 South, Livingston, MT 59047 
(406) 222-7130

Melrose, MT

Sunrise Fly Shop 
Email: sunriseshop@hotmail.com 
Melrose, MT 
(406) 835-3474

Twin Bridges, MT

King's Motel Flatline Outfitters 
Email: kingsflatline@yahoo.com 
307 South Main, Twin Bridges, MT 59754 
(800) 222-5510

4 Rivers Montana 
Email: 4r@4riversmontana.com 
201 N. Main Street, Twin Bridges, MT 59754

West Yellowstone, MT

Jacklin's Fly Shop 
105 Yellowstone Ave., West Yellowstone, MT 59758  (406) 646-7336 

West Yellowstone Fly Shop 
(406) 646-1181 

Yellowstone River Drainage

yrd-map-revised.jpgThe Yellowstone River heads north out of Yellowstone National Park to Livingston, Montana. From Livingston it heads due East to Billings. Headwaters Guide Service, Gallatin Gate, Montana

Big Timber, MT

Big Timber Fly Fishing 
Email: anderson@mtintouch.net 
Big Timber, MT 
(406) 932-6597

Billings, MT

Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop 
Email: bighornfly@bighornfly.com
485 S. 24th Street, Billings, MT 59102  (406) 6567-8257 

East Rosebud Fly and Tackle 
805 24th Street West, Billings, MT 59102 
(406) 839-9397

Columbus, MT

Stillwater Anglers 

637 N. 9th Street, Suite 130, Columbus, MT 59019 

Fort Smith, MT

Bighorn Trout Shop 
Fort Smith, MT 
(406) 666-2375

Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop 
(406) 666-2253 

Fort Smith Fly Shop and Cabins 
Email: 2flyfish@nemont.net 
Fort Smith, MT 
(406) 666-2550