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Five Tips for Fishing Montana Spring Creeks

Montana Spring Creek Fishing
Montana is home to some of the world's finest spring creek fly fishing spring creek fly fishing. The broad valleys flanked by high mountains that are common across Southwest Montana allow springs to percolate up in the valley floors resulting in unique fisheries that are nearly ideal for wild trout...Read more

The Salmonfly in Montana: The Five Truths About the Hatch

Montana Salmonfly Hatch
Montana's famed salmonfly hatch ranks as highly as Bigfoot with the number of myths and legends that it spawns. This massive insect is impossible to ignore and is most likely the only arthropod that produces an addiction within the fly fishing community that is stronger than caffeine and nicotine...Read more

A Smorgasbord of Insects in Western Montana

Fishing Montana's Hatches
So many rivers, and so little time. It's a nice problem to have. And believe me, here in Western Montana, we have it in spades. Missoula is one of the few places on earth where you can fish four major trout rivers in four days without chartering a float plane or coming down with a bad case of road...Read more

Fishing Rock Creek

Fly Fishing Rock Creek
Allow your mind to conjure up a classic, free flowing trout stream located in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, and you will have created a mental image of Rock Creek. Rock Creek is located approximately 25 miles east of Missoula, Montana where, after flowing through fifty miles of mostly...Read more

Nymphing on Rock Creek

Nymph Fishing in Montana
Western Montana fly fishers overwhelmingly rate Rock Creek as their favorite dry fly stream. Generating legendary hatches, this quintessential stream offers riffles, pools, long runs and deep holes. Best of all, it is the perfect size to wade and cast, especially to rising fish. Except for a fairly...Read more

I Don't Mess With Moose

Montana Moose
About a half-mile up the creek from the Mill Creek Trailhead, the Forest Service sign warned of an aggressive bear in the area. I had heard that the bear had been feeding on a dead moose. I decided to take my chances with the aggressive bear. If it had been a warning of an aggressive moose, however...Read more

Heart Lake Saga / Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Cutthroat Trout
On my very first trip to Yellowstone Park in the early '70s, I stopped at Bud Lilly's Fly Shop in West Yellowstone. My two fly boxes in those days held mostly my own attractor abominations. I was eager to gain some good advice, as I was camped at Madison Campground. My first day fishing produced...Read more

Fishing the Blackfoot River

Blackfoot River Brown Trout Fishing
By John Herzer Timeless cliff walls and ponderosa pines tower over deep, clear runs and boulder strewn riffles -- the Big Blackfoot is trout water. Affording both wading and floating angler opportunity for nearly sixty miles, the Big Blackfoot River is as diverse as the Montana landscape it shapes...Read more

Book Review: Hiking Yellowstone National Park by Bill Schneider

In addition to the fishing guides recommended above, I highly recommend this book if you plan to fish the backcountry or take some day hikes to fish some of the wonderful lakes and creeks that Yellowstone National Park offers. Like all of the Falcon guide books, this one offers excellent maps,...Read more

Book Review: The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide by Craig Mathews

Mathews and Molinero's book is another excellent guidebook on Yellowstone National Park fishing . I found this guide to be very helpful on covering both the waters to fish as well as those to pass, as being barren or poor fishing in general. I especially enjoyed the hatch charts and the recommended...Read more